Sarens Replaces a 300T Bridge in the UK
In a first, Sarens team in the UK replaces a bridge over the Christmas blockade
December 2020

While everyone was enjoying Christmas with their families our amazing team worked round-the-clock to safely replace the bridge in Gilberdyke, Goole, UK. 

Story Contracting Ltd. commissioned Sarens to replace a 300T bridge in the UK. The team planned and executed the project meticulously. The operation was carried out in phases including: 

·       Supply of temporary low level trestles for building the new bridge

·       Supply of cranes to build the new bridge (ATF400G)

·       Raise new bridge to the correct height using the climbing jacks (PJ250s)

·       Supply ekki mats to lay temporary road to allow the easy maneuver of the bridge sections 

·       Remove old bridge using SPMTs / steelwork

·       Install new bridge using SPMTs / steelwork

·       Lower / jack-down old bridge using the climbing jacks

Our crew, including five members working in the day shift and four in the night shift, safely removed the old bridge and installed the new bridge ahead of schedule. 

According to the client, “All in all the works were noted as a great success from internal perspective, Network Rail and the locals that have passed on the gratitude whilst we have been here. The site has been safely managed throughout with the majority of the aspects running ahead of programme, again thanks to everyone’s hard work.”