Mobile Tower Cranes

Sarens have invested heavily within the mobile tower crane hire market due to their versatility, reduced setup times and costs, and ultimately, their compact design. These machines provide you with a viable alternative to a static tower crane, whilst not compromising on capacity.

The MK range from Liebherr provide an adaptable and flexible solution to your lifting requirements perfect for city-centre projects, chemical plants and refineries, roof refurbishments… any many more applications.

These machines really are revolutionary and can be ready to work in just 15 minutes

Spierings AT6 eLift

Sarens are always looking for ways to limit environmental impact; introducing the Spierings eLift - 6 axle mobile tower crane to the UK fleet is no exception.

The six-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift is the largest mobile tower crane in the world and can operate 100% emission free. The powerful engine, high-performance pneumatic brake system and excellent overview increase safety on construction sites and public roads. The SK1265-AT6 eLift is the first Spierings crane with a fifth extendible jib section, which, combined with the four other jib sections, delivers an unrivalled radius of 60 meters.

The Zero-Emission eLift system has two operating modes: electrical mode and hybrid mode. Both modes have an efficient first-line energy source, which can be chosen for the grid connection or Diesel engine. The PowerPack® battery technology absorps the peaks in energy usage and will be charged when energy is unused. By using the electric mode you operate the crane 100% emission free on a silent sound level without any limitations in usage.

To operate the crane in electric mode, it needs to be connected to a 32A grid connection that’s quite often available at most job sites. The system is using between 11A and 25A which can be pre-set at the display, so there is still energy left for other purposes.

A small 55kW 3-cylinder Diesel engine with the newest Stage V emission certification is the main energy source during hybrid mode. The unused energy of the Diesel engine is used to recharge the battery of the PowerPack®, so it can be used for peak absorption.