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The Construction Industry, since the development of the earliest winch and pulley, has relied on cranes to move loads quickly and efficiently. The industrial revolution saw not only a boom in construction but also the introduction of mechanisation and now, whether loading & unloading materials at the work site or installing components into their final location within a structure, the crane has become the modern work-horse.

With the Construction sector developing, ever since, to provide structures to meet the demands of an ever-changing world means we see projects increasing in size and complexity, which has put particular demands on cranage over the intervening years as ever greater loads are being lifted to ever greater heights at ever greater distances.

This evolving landscape has meant that Sarens has had to develop to keep apace and provide equipment, which is more efficient, more flexible, stronger and more importantly - SAFER.

To keep ahead of these demands has meant extensive investment, in our equipment and our people, continuously over the years which has resulted in the a diverse fleet, in terms of both capacity and quantity, along with an engineering department to service the full requirements of the UK Construction Industry Sector.

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Modular Building

Advancements in factory build technology combined with the demand for minimising construction times and improving build efficiency has led to the advancement of modularisation/prefabrication within the building industry.

Sarens operations within this area has become extensive over the years and we provide lifting operations for a variety of building sectors:

     Government – Prisons, Hospitals, Schools etc.
     Welfare facilities
     Hotels, Hospitality & Catering
     Student Accommodation

Often this modularisation has brought with it its own demands on the lifting operation, not least the limited footprint available for suitable cranes to be located adjacent to the structure during the construction phase within busy, congested towns and cities where real estate is at a premium.

To meet these developments Sarens has provided a steadfast focus on developing our fleet to ensure suitable equipment, both cranes and lifting accessories, are available to solve the ever changing challenges for the lifting of modular structures.

This has led Sarens to become the countries leader in providing Modular Building installation solutions.  


The first crossing of a river was by felling a tree to span that barrier to communication. This was the birth of Civil Engineering and this “bridge” was, perhaps, the first ‘infrastructure’ project – A similar history to our own as “it all started with a tree trunk” 

Sarens - How it all began

Sarens and Infrastructure Civil Engineering have both evolved since their early humble ‘arboreal’ beginnings 

With a demanding world seeking continued advancements and development of infrastructure (roads, rail, water, communications etc..) Sarens provide extensive support for the implementation of these projects, especially in a world where the footprint available for such operations is becoming a limited resource and innovation is required to execute operations for infrastructure installation in ever reduced real estate 

Sarens have continually developed both their fleet and engineering skills to provide effective solutions to complex infrastructure lifting and transportation requirements. From simple lifting utilising cranes to more intricate solutions utilising specialist equipment where, on many occasions, several different types of lifting/transport devices are employed simultaneously.

Renewable Energy

The on-shore wind industry has been developing dynamically for decades. It all started in Europe and expanded rapidly worldwide. From the very beginning Sarens has been heavily involved in  the assembly of wind turbines, providing services of the highest level. The wind industry has always been an important market segment for the Group, with mainly lattice boom cranes over 500-750T deployed for our projects globally.

In recent years, we have configured our services to cater to our global clients who have progressively centralised their intelligence. Today, with our specialised Wind Department, we offer tailor-made solutions to wind projects with the vision of being the preferred supplier in this dynamic industry of wind turbine manufacturers.

Industrial Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Sarens engineering, project and sales teams comprehend today's high standards in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry. With safety as the utmost goal, our specialists focus on providing efficient solutions from factory to foundation.

Whether it is a reactor of 1.300T, lifted by a crawler crane, a 1.390T splitter column of 125m in length lifted by a tower system or even the transport of a topside module of 15.000T, Sarens provides tailor-made solutions for all your heavy lifting and heavy transport needs. 

New lifting and transport techniques are being introduced by our engineering department in close cooperation with our clients. This allows us, as a team, to execute modularisation and assembly of heavier components leading to safer projects with significant cost and time savings.

Sarens has the capacity to deploy over 120 employees per project. This is one of the elements in our way of working that make us stand out in the international market. 

Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants

Success in servicing the nuclear power segment demands a level of commitment and skill that few can offer. From engineering creativity and expertise, to operational excellence, with an industry leading toolkit, for nearly 40 years Sarens has met the challenges of the nuclear industry with solutions and team members who possess an unwavering commitment to safety, quality and the environment.

From the 1970's when we first entered the nuclear power sector with the transport of Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) components to today, building new plants with one of the largest cranes in the world, our SGC-140 - our work history shows that we consistently and successfully respond to the diverse and specialized challenges of the nuclear power sector. Our goal is to be the world's leading one stop service provider in meeting the needs of our nuclear power industry clients.

Offshore & Module Yards

Sarens has been a heavy lift partner for offshore projects for 30 years. With our wealth of experience, we are the best partner choice for offshore and module yard projects all around the globe. Our equipment and our people have the assets and skills necessary to make sure all projects are being tackled with tailor-made engineering and specialised heavy lifting.

Until now, we successfully executed more than 200 larger projects including weights up to 18.000T. During the following years, we will keep on pushing to remain the preferred heavy lift partner for our international clients, by offering the best technical solutions and performing projects in the safest and most efficient way.

Minerals, Metals & Mining

Since the mid-2000s, Sarens has built a strong reputation in the minerals and mining industry. Today's large-scale metallurgical refineries are built by assembling process and pipe-rack modules, which are manufactured around the world on module yards and shipped by heavy cargo ships to the site location.

Sarens provides module handling and load-in services on the manufacturing yard, load-out and inland transport services, and heavy lifting and installation works on site. During project execution, Sarens provides on-site management, engineering and drawing capabilities, operators and installation teams, equipment maintenance, and spare-part logistics.